At Future Photographerz, our specialized short workshops exploring the basics of digital photography in order to provide students with a foundational understanding upon which advanced principles are based.

During these workshops students will develop the required skills to capture well-exposed, structured images that are technically superior and artistically driven.

Major concepts such as camera operation, colour and contrast management, lighting conditions and studio methodologies provide the students with the necessary tools needed to maximize their skills as a photographer – whether simply as a hobby or as an aspiring entrepreneur.


During this workshop, students will be taught marketing methods and develop the required business skills to operate a photographic business in a competitive market. The legal aspects, the do’s, don’ts, posing strategies and much more! Photography is a multi-faceted industry and each discipline requires a tailored approach to achieve financial success.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer and have expensive editing programs to have a lovely collection of photographs in your album or on your Facebook Page!

With our complementary editing program, editing your dull photos using simple techniques or actions can make a huge difference to your final product.

Learning how to correctly edit your photos is great if you want to add that extra something to your photography, whether you’re a complete amateur or a long-term professional photographer. To learn those skills, we have made a selection of tutorials on various subjects to enhance your precious photos.