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Who Are We?

Welcome to the Institute of Photography – Future Photographerz School of Creative Design, offer photography courses to scholars from grade 0 – 12 as well as online courses and workshops for both amateurs, students, professionals – basically whoever interested in the art of photography and design.

Our programme is jam-packed full of the best, most relevant photography and graphic design information out there, and is taught in a fun and relaxed environment to suit your needs.

Our promise to you is simple. Our courses will change your life!

FPZ were founded in 2007, with the vision to provide cutting edge education and training in both fields (Photography and Graphic Design)The high practical approach will reinforce what is taught and will get you snapping and designing as much as possible…

At Future Photographerz we recognize that creativity is a skill critical to effective educational processes. In order to foster creativity in schools and colleges, educators must have a practical means of appreciating, understanding, and assessing creativity in partnership with their students. We develop this tool to measure the originality and impact of creativity within and across all disciplines adding true value and empowering our youth.

Our school curriculum is designed specifically for those individuals who wish to fast-track their studies in photography and design, and with over 60 schools participating in our unique programme, we can guarantee with confidence that this is the first step you need to take to ensure a solid foundation built on knowledge, skills, values and experience.

Accredited by Vega and the Independent Board of Education, we are currently the only accredited photography company to offer these courses at schools and colleges on the African Continent.

So whether you are a scholar, budding entrepreneur, enthusiast or just somebody who bought a new camera and wants to learn the basics – you’ve come to the right place!

Why Us?

A strong team of established professional photographers, artists, curators and guest lecturers bring a wealth of experience to the photography department ensuring the best possible education for our students.

Future Photographerz employs only the very best expertise that South Africa has to offer. We are boasting a spectrum of dynamic, distinguished and exceptionally experienced team of lecturers.

Lecturers are hand-picked from across the country and are employed on the basis of their outstanding achievements, lecturing skills and passion for their fields of expertise.

Monthly Competitions

We run a monthly competition with awesome prizes, to encourage the students to be more attentive to what is out there and more creative with regards to commissioned themes and assignments.

Junior and Senior Students compete against each other and during the month of July, the competition is open to EVERYONE – irrelevant of whether you are a student or not… Post your photos to our Facebook page.